“A house, more than just bricks, mortar and soft furnishings, more than just location, location, location.” 


We pride ourselves on being able to find a mortgage for anyone, whatever their situation. Unparalleled deals, competitive rates, low deposits, flexibility, future proofing, payment holidays, mortgage protection, house insurance; if it’s on your wish list, we can build it into a plan that is tailored just for you and your dream home.
Landmark Private Clients is a customised service for ultra-high net worth clients. The comprehensive experience and skills of our specialist brokers enables them to add real value to any ultra-high net worth portfolio. This allows us to design a secure, bespoke mortgage to accommodate even the most intricate and demanding ultra-high net-worth asset structures.
Our in depth understanding of the expanding Million-Pound-Plus Mortgage market means we can move beyond the restrictions of mainstream lenders, to source more competitive, highly rewarding funding. We work in tandem with senior banking professionals and underwriters to create mortgage solutions that optimise and protect even the highest net worth assets.
We offer Foreign National Mortgages which are designed for the very specific requirements of foreign nationals living in the UK. We ensure that your application contains the precise information necessary for a seamless process. Our extensive experience allows us to smoothly navigate the many variables that can affect this procedure.
Several of our clients live overseas and our Ex Pat mortgage service meets the very specific challenges head on. Navigating time zones, and a range of different legislation and complicated bureaucracy we can design an elegant package engineered to your particular requirements.
Offshore Mortgages are an effective means of obtaining financing for foreign nationals in the UK or for UK nationals living abroad. This can be a very involved and intricate process but Landmark’s expertise in this field will deliver a frictionless offshore mortgage application.
Mortgages Incorporating Bonus Income are now a viable product for those wanting to include diverse income streams in their repayments. This can involve complex financial admin but whatever the source, our expert brokers work with trusted lenders to incorporate your bonus income into a customised mortgage plan that works for you.
We provide a broad ranging service for Sub-Million Pound Mortgages. Working with the individual specifications of each client allows us to offer options that cover issues such as time sensitivity and unusual income, and enables our clients to take the fullest advantage of this funding source.
A Professional Mortgage is a specialised option for professionals with universally recognised qualifications, a solid career path and a regular projected income ahead of them. This is an excellent choice for those whose career progression is sound, reliable and presents them with viable opportunities, both now and in the long term.
Landmark Private Finance has a great deal of experience in the field of Self-Employed / Freelance Mortgages. We offer mortgages with equitable, competitive rates that reflect the personal, professional and financial status of self-employed individuals.
Our years of involvement in the property industry have allowed us to tailor Contractor Mortgages specifically to the needs and financial situation of those who work as in this sector. We take future projections, fixed term day rates and present requirements into account when building mortgage plans for even the most complex needs.
A residential Remortgage can provide homeowners with financial flexibility and allow clients greater access to competitive lenders and the means to borrow greater amounts. Many people choose to remortgage and remodel rather uproot and move house altogether.
At Landmark we work one-to-one with First Time Buyers, giving them all the information needed to take that first daunting step on the property ladder. We partner with reliable lenders who really understand the challenges of the first purchase process and the requirements of those new to the property market.
A Low Deposit Mortgage is an extremely effective solution to the challenges faced by buyers on the first rungs of the property ladder. Supported by trusted stakeholders to source solutions we tailor mortgages to the new buyer market. Our team will be right by your side from exchange of contracts through to completion and beyond.
Interest-Only Mortgages offer flexible finance strategies for many borrowers. We source unique products from leading lenders to match your individual funding requirements. This type of mortgage can be extremely advantageous in the right circumstances.
Help to Buy is a government funded scheme giving new buyers first time access to the property market. This scheme can be a great advantage to young professionals just starting out. Once our specialist brokers determine that this scheme is suitable for you, we ensure that you obtain the funding necessary to own your first home.


We have spent years carefully cultivating relationships with well-established and highly trusted partners throughout the industry, creating a solid global network. From high street and specialist lenders to boutique, private and challenger banks, we have cultivated contacts with key personnel who work with us to find the best solutions for you.

We have spent years carefully cultivating relationships with well-established and highly trusted partners throughout the industry, creating a solid global network. From high street and specialist lenders to boutique, private and challenger banks, we have cultivated contacts with key personnel who work with us to find the best solutions for you.

Commercial Finance is a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes seeking to expand their operations or refresh their cash flow. 

Let to Buy (LtB) is a constructive option for clients intending to let an existing property to generate the resources to purchase another. At Landmark Private Finance we can navigate this intricate process on your behalf, making sure that you achieve the best solution for your situation.

Development Finance can increase the potential of your business by providing suitable funding for any new development, from single dwellings to apartment blocks.

Refurbishment Mortgages are becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners chose renovate older properties or purchase properties with renovation in mind. Landmark will help you navigate the various alternatives available to source a solution perfectly tailored to your needs.
Bridging Finance is a unique service that opens up vital options for borrowers who may face short term capital challenges. Landmark Private Finance has built strong relationships with a comprehensive network of trusted providers. Our market expertise enables us to smoothly negotiate the diverse range of bridging finance available,

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Landmark Private Finance Ltd and Landmark Residential are different entities. Landmark Private Finance Ltd act as introducers for estate agents, commercial finance and development finance. 

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any debt secured on it.

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